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Main Rum Corp. – Liverpool

Main rum is a hidden gem in Liverpool's port area. This company has a veritable treasure trove of exceptional rums in casks from all over the world. The location captures the imagination enormously, and not just ours. For instance, parts of the famous Netflix series Peaky Blinders were shot here and scenes were shot for the film Sherlock Homes. 

Main Rum is part of E&A Scheer, a unique company with a rich history for which we previously made the corporate film. Main Rum is based in Liverpool, UK. From here, they import all kinds of unique and special rums from all over the world. The rums are sold by the barrel and because they are so exclusive, the value of them can soar. A feast for true rum lovers, then! 

In addition, it was also a treat for us to film here. So we recognised the setting from the series and film. To be able to produce a film with the same décor for this company is of course also unique for us to experience.