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Orca Encounter – The Ocean Race

We were sailing close to Tarifa, Portugal during The Ocean Race when we had an encounter with these incredible animals.

In my role onboard team JAJO as on-board reporter I usually report about the race with photo and video, fly drones off the boat and capture the adventure of the sailors and the race. But this time was next-level.

The orcas were unharmed, the boat was not damaged and the crew stayed calm. The footage has been shared with researchers and marine biologist so they can learn from this first underwater footage and study the behaviour.

I knew there was no high quality footage of the orca’s underwater yet, so i ws prepared in case this would happen. I am happy I did because the footage gained more than 120 million views. The footage was picked up all around the world by big news outlets such as CNN, NewYork times etc and was on prime-time news in almost every country.

Watch my personal story about the event below: