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The Ocean Race Europe

The Ocean Race is perhaps the most legendary sailing race in the world. 'The toughest race in the world' it is also called. Teams compete with each other in a race around the world on carbon racing boats reaching speeds of over 30 knots (55 km/h). Thus, they sail in legs to different countries across the most dreaded seas.

Due to the corona pandemic, the race around the world was difficult to organize. Then the organization came up with The Ocean Race Europe. The battle scene was three spectacular stages along the coast of Europe. For the Dutch Team under the name Childhood 1 with Janssen de Jong as main sponsor, we provided the media on board the ship. Brend Schuil boarded in The Hague and reported on each stage in writing, photography and video. The content was sent from sea with a satellite connection to the headquarters of The Ocean Race in Alicante where the content was edited and distributed on all major platforms.

Brend Schuil: “Creating content on board such a racing sailboat is of course an enormous challenge. You are constantly busy, everything is wet and camera gear and salt water are of course not the best combination. Flying a Drone (and getting it back) while the boat surfs off 8m waves at 25 knots is also quite a challenge. But what an incredible adventure it is to sail with such a beast of a ship! Among the crew were legends like; Gerd-Jan Poortman, Simeon Tienpont, Wouter Verbraak and Peter van Niekerk.

A look behind the scenes