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The Ocean Race 2022/2023

The Ocean Race is also called the toughest race in the world. Not without reason, with carbon racing ships at sea for weeks on end without any luxury. Towering waves and severe hardships, but that is also precisely what gives the thrill. 

The adventure started for us in 2021 during The Ocean Race Europe. Where we were asked for it to do the content production for the Dutch team. And that tasted like more! At the end of 2021, we were at it again to capture an Atlantic crossing which we then made into a documentary that played in Pathe Tuschinski in Amsterdam and Pathe The Hague.

For the 22/23′ edition of The Ocean Race, we have again been asked to create the content for this sports team. We do this with a team of 3 men who are dedicated to this project during the stages. In which founder of Dutchman Media, Brend Schuil takes over as Onboard Reporter. This means he will go on board and report from the boat.

Brend: "It's the most challenging job I've ever done. Camera gear and salt water are not exactly good friends, and flying drones from a boat like this is no child's play either. As the boat races over 10-metre waves at 30 knots, I sit downstairs with a bucket next to me, editing to make sure the footage from the water gets to the viewer. It is really gruelling at times, which is exactly what makes it so cool. With such a great team, making this boat go as hard as possible. No excuses but going 100% for it to be as fast as possible and preferably ahead of the competition". 

The other team members run all onshore productions. We handle all social media content, photography and set the strategy for content distribution online. And with success! After Leg 1, we have already managed to reach 70% of the sponsor's and team's targets in terms of reach.

We are extremely proud to be the content producer for Team JaJo in this iconic race!