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Bombarda Investor Film

That the Netherlands does a lot of global trade is no secret, but did you know that the Netherlands is the third largest rum exporter in the world? Via E&A Scheer for whom we made the corporate film, we were linked to fast-growing US rum brand Bombarda for filming in the Netherlands. After working together for a few days, Dutchman Media was asked to look into all content production for Bombarda.

James Papagno, founder of Bombarda was inspired by the sea heroes of the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries and decided to create a premium rum. The bottle's brilliant design is in the shape of a cannon and optionally comes with a matching cart to complete the presentation.


A silent force in the background is E&A Scheer who have been operating since 1712. Back then, they were already importing liquor from all over the world. With large wooden seagoing ships, they sailed all corners of the world to bring the best liquor to the Netherlands. More than 300 years later, they are still the largest white label producer in the world. A rum enthusiast can choose from over 600 different rums at Scheer to create a blend. So Bombarda also decided to create their unique premium blends at the Dutch company. We visited E&A Scheer's locations with James to reveal where Bombarda's blends come from.


Another company thumping with stories and history. Herman Jansen is a Schiedam-based family business that has been producing spirits since 1777. The gin distillery of yesteryear has grown into a world-class company. Today's Herman Jansen operates worldwide and offers a varied, contemporary range of spirits. Herman Janssen takes care of bottling and labelling and so we have also recorded that process.